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Acknowledging an individual or team is not just a nice thing to do – it is sometimes vitally important in order to keep the employee/s engaged, motivated and on track to achieving company goals and targets. You also keep hold of your most talented resources and work morale goes up. But recognising and rewarding employees, whilst it always starts off well, sometimes becomes time consuming and tedious and then fizzles out to just another meaningless initiative. Sometimes it also causes complaints, jealousy and misunderstanding in how to actually recognise an employee fairly.

According to The Balance Career website, the following are the five most important tips for employee recognition:

  1. All employees must be eligible for the recognition. You should never exclude any employee or group of employees
  2. The recognition must supply the employer and employee with specific information about what behaviours or actions are being rewarded and recognised
  3. Anyone who performs are the level or standard started in the criteria should be recognised or rewarded
  4. The recognition should occur as close to the performance of the actions as possible. Monthly recognition is too infrequent and not reinforcing.
  5. You don’t want to design a process in which managers select the people to receive recognition. Employees will see this as favouritism.

In line with the digital workplace and providing employees with the latest technology in order for them to be able to do their jobs, productively and effectively, Karabina has created an employee recognition app. The app allows all employees to recognise fellow colleagues, quickly, in line with company values and what the company wants to promote in terms of employee behavior and actions.

ThumbsApp employee recognition app encourages co-workers to share job related recognition and include a personal message with automated email notifications sent to recipients and their managers.

ThumbsApp employee recognition app can be up and running in a few days and deployed and configured to your company’s requirements and branding. We use Microsoft Cloud technology that is often, already in place in your company.

ThumbsApp includes:

  • A personal and secure environment
  • Email notifications to the recipient and manager
  • Real time reports
  • Historic reports
  • Tracking of top performers or nominees

Download our brochure by clicking here and contact us if you want to chat about getting this started in your company.

ThumbsApp Employee Recognition




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