Karabina “Waze” for a Better Customer Engagement Journey

I would not survive driving around the busy streets of Gauteng without my trusted Waze App. It was whilst on one my frequent trips that I realised that Karabina and Waze are actually very similar in our service offering.

Karabina leverages the Microsoft technology, platforms and products in order to provide you with the best solution for your business. Just like Waze, once you have defined your destination Karabina will guide you, whilst on the journey. Routes or solution options are identified upfront and based on your needs being it cost (no toll roads) or time (the quickest route) an engagement model can be suited to your individual needs. Should route deviations be required, the Karabina team is quick to adjust and re-calculate to meet new requirements. With strong project management skills, risks like roadworks or accidents ahead are quickly mitigated to ensure you reach your destination safely. Communication and updates happen in real time so you never get lost on the way and unexpected surprises avoided.

Just as Waze is easy to access via mobile, with the Microsoft Cloud offering, your business is just a swipe away from accessing the latest technology.

Karabina Customer Engagement Journey

At Karabina our destination is very clear, we empower people and businesses to do more. We help navigate our clients to engage with their customers on a whole new level with a focus on 4 main routes.

  • Understand – provide you with the tools to gain deep insights that allow you to better understand your customers and their respective destinations
  • Grow – re-routing where required to ensure market share growth opportunities by developing targeted campaigns and lead generation activities that allow you to qualify opportunities and win business faster
  • Engage – provide you with the map to guide your customers and deliver the promise of a delightful customer experience
  • Retain – retain your customers by improving each step they take on their journey with you

We understand that sometimes the journey may be long, fraught with obstacles and may require multiple journeys before you reach your final destination, therefore we do not only focus on your current trips but where you intend to be three years from now.

Let Karabina partner with you on your Customer Engagement journey to success. You set the destination and we will guide you on the best, most efficient route. Click here to contact us. 



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