10 Dos and Don’ts for Employee On-boarding – Part 2

10 Dos and Don’ts for Employee Onboarding Part 2

The first day on a job is always pretty stressful for a new employee. This is mostly from nervous anticipation on whether or not they will like the job, and get along with the new people but a good.

Human Resources (HR) department should be able to put these fears to bed with a sound on-boarding process.

In part 1 of our post we looked at five things you should do to help get your new employees settled into the organisation in no time. In this post we’ll look at some don’ts you should definitely know about.

DON’T throw new employees in the deep end
If you want your new employees to stick around, don’t throw them in the deep end under piles of paperwork and data, no matter how far behind or snowed under the department they are joining is. This is a sure-fire way to scare anyone off and it says that you have no concern for getting them settled with sufficient training before you put them to work.

DON’T leave new employees in the dark about their schedule or team
Always try and tell new employees upfront about their schedule and the team they will be working with, that way you reduce the stress associated to anticipation and any unwanted surprises. You should always aim to empower new employees with as much information as possible so they are not shocked or put off by anything they don’t know about later on.

DON’T skip the introductions
Always introduce new employees to everyone in the department as well is in other departments where possible. This is a god chance for you to let them in on any company jokes and traditions to help them integrate better and join into conversations in the future instead of leaving them to figure things out and laugh awkwardly on the side lines.

DON’T skip the training
Be sure to train new employees as soon as they get onto the job this will help them to get into the swing of things a lot faster. You don’t want your new employees twiddling their thumbs or uncertain of work processes because you’ve put off training until later.

DON’T forget to ask for feedback
How do you know if your new employee is happy and whether or not your on-boarding process is effective and comprehensive enough? By asking for feedback of course. Feedback is essential for improvement so be sure to get as much as possible from your new employee this will also make them feel valued.

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